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KarstenKarsten Huttenhain – Editor

Snoovies very own scribe and video splicer. He is also an actor whose favorite job is performing at the Abu Dhabi Science festival. Before that he threw himself off mountains with nothing but the latest technology and most advanced materials to keep him aloft.



Viana Maya – Marketing and Research
Mrs motivator and usually the first point of contact. She directs our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Blog and is the best cook not on TV. With a hunters instinct she could easily solve every crime mystery in the world but she’s too busy with Snoovies – sorry.



Roger Carvalho – CEO and Developer
The visionary leader with an eye for detail. When not developing Snoovies App he’s a product management consultant and freelance software developer or he’s launching an international acting career. He has lived in Los Angeles, where he catered to our American Snoovie makers.