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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Snoovies work?

First download the App via the iTunes AppStore or Google Play. After opening our app, you will be presented with a bunch of great films.

Pick a film based on your mood by swiping through our hand-picked selections. Once you’ve chosen a film, you can start watching it instantly. Afterwards, swipe to our exclusive behind-the-scenes and ‘reach out’ pages to find out more about the production process or to get in touch with the cast and crew directly.

Do I have to pay for Snoovies?

Nope! Snoovies is completely free to use.

How can I contact the film makers?

Tap the ‘Reach out’ button or swipe from right to left on any film page. This will open a cornucopia of ways to contact them, us and other viewers.

Videos don’t play on my device

Some older Android devices have problems with playing videos. Snoovies uses external video players on Android to maximize compatibility. If your device says it cannot play videos, we recommend you remove Snoovies, install VLC player and then install Snoovies again. When you select a video, Snoovies will ask which player you want to use to play it. Select VLC and the video should play.

How can I report a bug?

We hate bugs and will stamp them out with determination. Send an email to support@snoovies.com explaining what the bug was and what you were doing (with the app!)

I have a film for you

If you want to submit a short for our viewing we’d love to see it. You can submit here. We might not always be able to reply for each film but we will try. If we think a film is suitable we will contact you to get some behind-the-scenes information. Afterwards we will publish it to the app!

Are you releasing Snoovies on other platforms?

We’re working hard to bring Snoovies to Windows devices. Bear with us.

I love Snoovies. How can I help?

Join the Snoovies community on Facebook or Twitter and become a Snoover. The benefits are huge. Employers and social peers will certainly look favorably on anyone who has their snoove on.