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Not only is it mothers day on the 15th of March but it is also International Women’s Day on the 8th. This is also the month when we have received a ton of submissions from women and so we have decided that one day isn’t enough. Nope. We are going to devote the whole month of March to women. Yes. You read that right. Thirty whole days devoted to women who create films. In fact I think we should start a petition to make March the Month of Ms!

One of the film directors we are most excited about is Theresa Varga who directed and edited YouTroll. Although she is a very young woman at the very start of her career, she already has a significant number of credits under her belt. With her partner and collaborator, Nathan Bryon, she has helped to develop their style from fun (though deceptively well filmed) YouTube knockabouts to the kind of films that make the film world sit up and take notice. Her short film, Mustard has, quite rightly, been very well received, winning the Ideas Tap Showcase. With a style that is a cross between David Lynch and Wes Anderson, it’s a simple tale with a far from simple moral point.

Screenshot Another Snoovie ‘alumni’ is Krysten Resnick who, after making the award winning Benny and Jack’s Flying Machine is now in post production on her first feature All Good Things (Working Title) about a group of friends who accompany one of their number as he heads into the woods to overcome his grief. You can see the trailer here, and from what we’ve already seen, this could be a sleeper hit with wonderfully nuanced performances full of teenage moments remembered.


I could carry on, but you get the picture. We’re also shortly going to be interviewing a very exciting new director from Bulgaria, Antoaneta Chetrafilova, who made a beautiful animation under the auspices of Activist38, a production company headed up by Mina Mileva and Vesela Kazakova. Mina and Vesela would themselves make an awesome subject having taken on the Bulgarian Secret Service, the Bulgarian Film Institute and the Soviet era elite still pulling the strings in Bulgaria. Jesus,comrades! Relax. It’s just a film.

But that’s the problem with communists (well, apart from grumpy elderly women, at a desk in the centre of the mens toilet, reluctantly handing out toilet paper sheet by sheet. I mean, wow. Cheer up!), they just don’t know how to listen.

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Text by Karsten Huttenhain

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